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Palliative Care Nursing, theory and practice

Around 60 million persons in the world die each year, many of them with palliative care needs and avoidable suffering. Due to the aging population and increased life expectancies, needs for palliative care will increase. Registered nurses working within the healthcare sector will encounter death and dying irrespective of context, highlighting the need for all health care professionals to have basic competence within palliative.

The Palliative Care Nursing course comprises 14 higher education credits and is a combination of theory (4 weeks) and clinical practice (5 weeks). The course content will entail palliative care approaches to alleviating symptoms, communication, teamwork and support to families, examples of nursing models in palliative care, distinctions of general and specialist palliative care, end-of-life communication, symptoms and assessment methods, as well as clinical skills and ethical aspects.

Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College has a long history of practice and education within palliative care, and furthermore, hosts the Palliative Care Research Center with researchers, professors and PhD students. Our neighbors in the community are Ersta Hospice and Ersta ASIH, with specialist palliative home care.

Senast uppdaterad: 2019-02-19.

Course details

Duration: 19th of August 2019 – 18th of October 2019 (with possibility to extend the stay with 3 weeks of clinical training in another field)

Subjects and ECTS

  • Nursing science 7.5 ECTS
  • Health care ethics with studies in views of life 2 ECTS
  • Medical science 4.5 ECTS

The course is offered as full-time studies.
Language: English
City: Stockholm

Teaching comprises active, problem-solving methods applying the content of the course literature, lectures and seminars.

Examination and grading

Examination is based on the learning objectives and students are examined individually and as individuals in groups. Grading scale: Pass with distinction, Pass, Fail



International coordinator
Åsa Kneck
Phone: +46 76 6365155

Course leader
Anna Klarare


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