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Sophie Gaber

The Department of Health Care Sciences




076-636 50 08


Adress: Ersta Sköndal Bräcke högskola
Box 11189, 100 61 Stockholm


Stigbergsgatan 30


I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Health Care Sciences. My research focuses on promoting equality, inclusion, and health in collaboration with women in homelessness.

Academic Qualifications & Degrees
2021 PhD Medical Science
2016 MSc Occupational Therapy


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Sophie Nadia Gaber, Louise Nygård, Camilla Malinowsky, Anna Brorsson, Anders Kottorp, Annicka Hedman (2021). Enacting citizenship through participation in a technological society: a longitudinal three-year study among people with dementia in Sweden
Sophie Gaber, Sarah Wallcook (2020). People with dementia In Public Space usingEveryday Technology (PIPSET) (IRAS 215654): Lay Research Report [Fulltext]
Sophie Nadia Gaber, Louise Nygård, Anders Kottorp, Georgina Charlesworth, Sarah Wallcook, Camilla Malinowsky (2020). Perceived risks, concession travel pass access and everyday technology use for out-of-home participation: cross-sectional interviews among older people in the UK.
Sophie N. Gaber, Louise Nygård, Anna Brorsson, Anders Kottorp, Georgina Charlesworth, Sarah Wallcook, Camilla Malinowsky (2020). Social Participation in Relation to Technology Use and Social Deprivation: A Mixed Methods Study Among Older People with and without Dementia
Sophie Nadia Gaber (2020). The participation of older people with and without dementia in public space, through the lens of everyday technology use
Sarah Wallcook, Camilla Malinowsky, Louise Nygård, Georgina Charlesworth, Jenica Lee, Ryan Walsh, Sophie Gaber, Anders Kottorp (2020). The perceived challenge of everyday technologies in Sweden, the United States and England: exploring differential item functioning in the everyday technology use questionnaire
Sara Evans-Lacko, Jem Bhatt, Adelina Comas-Herrera, Francesco D'Amico, Nicolas Farina, Sophie Gaber, Martin Knapp, Maximilian Salcher-Konrad, Madeleine Stevens, Emma Wilson (2019). Attitudes to dementia survey results
Rose-Marie Dröes, Yvette Vermeer, Sébastien Libert, Sophie Gaber, Sarah Wallcook, Harleen Rai, Aline Cavalcanti Barroso, Joeke van der Molen-van Santen, Floriana Mangiaracina, Kim Beentjes, Sara Bartels, Hannah Christie, Rose Miranda, Annelien van Dael, Kate Shiells, Ángel C. Pinto Bruno, Angie Alejandra Diaz, Lieve Van den Block, Lara Pivodic, Louise Nygård, Manuel Franco Martin, Paul Higgs, Iva Holmerova, Camilla Malinowsky, Franka Meiland, Henriëtte van der Roest, Justine Schneider, Annemieke van Straten, Frans Verhey, Marjolein de Vugt, Martin Orrell (2019). Best Practice Guidance: Human Interaction with Technology in Dementia: Recommendations based on the research conducted in the Marie Sklodowska Curie International Training Network INDUCT [Fulltext]
Sophie N. Gaber, Birgit Heuchemer (2019). Dementia in prisons: How to address the double stigma of people with dementia or memory issues in prisons and forensic institutions
Sophie N. Gaber, Louise Nygård, Anna Brorsson, Anders Kottorp, Camilla Malinowsky (2019). Everyday technologies and public space participation among people with and without dementia
Arthur G. Money, Anita Atwal, Emily Boyce, Sophie Gaber, Susan Windeatt, Kyriakos Alexandrou (2019). Falls Sensei: a serious 3D exploration game to enable the detection of extrinsic home fall hazards for older adults
Sophie N. Gaber, Anna Brorsson (2019). The role of technology around stigma: Marie’s journey

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