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Maria Eriksson got her PhD 2004 at Uppsala University and was accepted as Associated Professor at the same university in 2008. Previously, she has, among other things, been a researcher in gender studies at the University of Gothenburg (2004-2007), Senior Lecturer in social work at Kalmar University College (2006-2008), Assistant Professor in Sociology at Uppsala University (2008-2011), and Senior Lecturer in Child and Youth Studies at Uppsala University (2009-2012). Maria Eriksson became Professor of Social Work at Mälardalen University in 2012 and was recruited to Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College as professor of Social Work in 2017. Maria Eriksson has also held a number of other positions, including expert at The National Centre for Knowledge on Men’s Violence Against Women (NCK), Uppsala University (2007), Special Advisor, Division for Gender Equality, Ministry of Industry, Employment and Communications (2006), and Programme Co-ordinator for the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Gender and Violence – a Nordic research programme, 2000-2004 (2000-2005).


Maria Eriksson is teaching at the social work programme, the PhD programme The Individual in the Welfare Society, she is supervising PhD students, and lecture for external partners.


A primary research interest is how different forms of inequality impact upon policy and practice as regards men’s violence against women and children. Issues related to parenthood and children’s rights are central in this research. The ongoing research concerns five different projects: 1) a study of how the Swedish framework for assessment BBIC ”BBIC – Barns Behov I Centrum” [Children’s needs in the centre] is used in cases of intimate partner violence, and a project developing assessments of risk and safety when children are exposed to or subjected to violence in their family, 2) the development and feasibility of a model for assessments of risk and safety when children are exposed to or subjected to violence in their family (iRiSk) (commissioned by The National Board of Health and Welfare), 3) evaluation of “Cooperation teams – a model for prevention of conflicts between parents who do not live together – focusing on the situation and perspectives of children and parents (commissioned by Children’s Welfare Foundation Sweden) 4) evaluation of a model for informing children about their rights BRA – Children’s Rights as Next of Kin (commissioned by Children’s Welfare Foundation Sweden), and 5) evaluation of the prevention programme Mentors in violence prevention (MVP ) (commissioned by The Swedish National Agency for Education). Eriksson is also coordinating a Nordic research network on protection of and support to children exposed to intimate partner violence.

Previous projects includes a project on young carers and a study of social movements and policy development in the field, specifically how Nordic children’s rights and women’s shelter organisations define and work with the issue of children exposed to intimate partner violence. Several projects have focused upon professional practice, e.g. a project on family law social work and encounters with children exposed to violence seen from the perspective of professionals and children respectively, one on violence and family proceedings’ impact on preschool and school, and she was also one of the researchers that carried out a national evaluation study on support interventions for children who have experienced violence against their mothers (2008-11). Other activities include a national survey of work with violent men and with children exposed to violence, commissioned by the Minister of Gender Equality, and a review of the state of knowledge as regards violence prevention with men, commissioned by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions.


Co-editor for the journal Nordic Social Work Research (2016-2018)
Member of the editorial board, Child Abuse Review (2012-2017)
Member of the editorial advisory board, Journal of Gender Based Violence (2017--)
Member of Stockholms Socialtjänstakademi [Stockholm Academy for the Social Services]


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