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Tove Godskesen

The Department of Health Care Sciences


Senior Lecturer


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Adress: Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College
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Stigbergsgatan 30


Tove E. Godskesen has a PhD in medical sciences and bioethics. Her research is mainly focused on the areas of clinical trials and ethical issues in end-of-life care. Particular issues of interest are the process of informed consent and the question of how to integrate research and care. The research brings together a spectrum of competencies spanning over many different areas of ethics, such as care ethics, nursing ethics, medical ethics, research ethics, public health ethics, and empirical ethics.

Godskesen is presently the PI for a Nordic project, Embodiment of ethical perspectives in the clinic: Healthcare personnel’s experiences of dilemmas when caring for oncology and hematology research participants. She is also doing work on such issues as dignity in care, the experiences of cystic fibrosis patients waiting for lung transplants, and palliative care. She is an affiliated researcher with Uppsala University, Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB). The starting point for the CRB project Antibiotic resistance: Ethical and public health considerations is that public attitudes and preferences are key to get public acceptance of and compliance with health programs. This is a PhD project by Mirko Ancillotti where Godskesen contributes her interview expertise and is a co-author of two papers on the public’s balancing of benefits and risks with regard to antibiotics use; focusing on the trade-off between personal versus collective gain, and present versus future gain. She is also part of a project on Research integrity and good scientific practice.


Tove E. Godskesen has broad experience as a teacher after lecturing at Uppsala university, Gävle University college and now at ESH. She works as Senior Lecturer, teaching ethics, research ethics and care ethics primarily at Bachelor- and Master level. She also serves as a tutor, supervising palliative care nurses.


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Zandra Engelbak Nielsen, Stefan Eriksson, Laurine Bente Schram Harsløf, Suzanne Petri, Gert Helgesson, Margrete Mangset, Tove E. Godskesen (2020). Are cancer patients better off if they participate in clinical trials?: A mixed methods study
Simen A. Steindal, Andréa Aparecida Gonçalves Nes, Tove E. Godskesen, Alfhild Dihle, Susanne Lind, Anette Winger, Anna Klarare (2020). Patients’ Experiences of Telehealth in Palliative Home Care: Scoping Review
Åsa Rejnö, Britt-Marie Ternestedt, Lennart Nordenfelt, Gunilla Silfverberg, Tove E. Godskesen (2019). Dignity at stake: Caring for persons with impaired autonomy
Tove Godskesen, Stefan Eriksson (2019). Selektiv rapportering av kliniska prövningar [Fulltext]
Gert Helgesson, William Bülow, Stefan Eriksson, Tove E. Godskesen (2019). Should the deceased be listed as authors?
Tove E. Godskesen, Petri Suzanne, Stefan Eriksson, Arja Halkoaho, Margrete Mangset, Zandra Engelbak Nielsen (2019). The culture of hope and ethical challenges in clinical trials: A qualitative study of oncologists and haematologists’ views
Ulrika Skogeland, Isabelle de Monestrol, Tove E. Godskesen (2018). Experiences of Individuals Awaiting Lung Transplantation
Tove E. Godskesen (2018). God vård innebär att sällsynta sjukdomar ges resurser.
Stefan Eriksson, Tove Godskesen, Lars Andersson, Gert Helgesson (2018). How to counter undeserving authorship
Mirko Ancillotti, Stefan Eriksson, Jorien Veldwijk, Jessica Nihlén Fahlquist, Dan I Andersson, Tove Godskesen (2018). Public awareness and individual responsibility needed for judicious use of antibiotics: a qualitative study of public beliefs and perceptions.
Tove E Godskesen, Josepine Fernow, Stefan Eriksson (2018). Quality of online information about phase I clinical cancer trials in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
Robert Spörndly, Stefan Eriksson, Tove E. Godskesen (2018). Representation of Ethnic Minoritites in Swedish Clinical Cancer Trials: A Qualitative Study of Physicians' Experiences [Fulltext]
Tove E. Godskesen, Petri Suzanne, Stefan Eriksson, Arja Halkoaho, Margrete Mangset, Merja Pirinen, Zandra Engelbak Nielsen (2018). When Nursing Care and Clinical Trials Coincide: A Qualitative Study of the Views of Nordic Oncology and Hematology Nurses on Ethical Work Challenges
Ulrika Skogeland, Isabelle de Monestrol, Tove E. Godskesen (2018). WS18.1 Waiting for lung transplant, manifold experiences: a literature review
Tove Godskesen, Ulrik Kihlbom (2017). "I Have a Lot of Pills in My Bag, You Know": Institutional Norms in the Provision of Hope in Phase I Clinical Cancer Trials.
Tove Godskesen (2016). Cancerpatienter i kliniska prövningar.
Tove Godskesen, U Kihlbom, K Nordin, M Silén, P Nygren (2016). Differences in trial knowledge and motives for participation among cancer patients in phase 3 clinical trials.
Tove Godskesen, M G Hansson, P Nygren, K Nordin, U Kihlbom (2015). Hope for a cure and altruism are the main motives behind participation in phase 3 clinical cancer trials.
Tove Godskesen (2015). Patients in Clinical Cancer Trials: Understanding, Motivation and Hope
Tove Godskesen, Peter Nygren, Karin Nordin, Mats Hansson, Ulrik Kihlbom (2013). Phase 1 clinical trials in end-stage cancer: patient understanding of trial premises and motives for participation

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