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Ingrid Hellström

The Department of Health Care Sciences


Assoc. Professor, Senior Lecturer


+46-766 36 50 59


Address: Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College
P.O. Box 11189, SE-100 61 Stockholm


Stigbergsgatan 30

Research area

I received my PhD degree in 2005 on a thesis that studied older couples’ relationships in which one party had dementia. In my research I have focused mainly on couples living with dementia. Personhood is a well established concept in the field of dementia. The person is in the foreground, not the dementia disease. I have developed the concept couplehood, in which a couple is seen, not as two separate individuals with different needs, but as a unit. Equally important as to emphasize personhood, is to see couples or groups of people, such as families, as units that live with and manage chronic illness, severe illness and death together. It is important to not only use a person-centered approach to health care, but also a relationship centered.

Academic Qualifications & Degrees

1991 RN
2005 PhD
2013 Associate Professor, Palliative Care
2016 Associate Professor, Nursing

Other Assignments

Associate Professor in Nursing, Linköping University

Member of the Editorial board of Dementia: The International Journal of Social Research and Practice


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