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Johan Gärde

The Department of Social Sciences


Associate Professor, Senior lecturer,International Coordinator


+46 766 36 50 03


AdDress: Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College
Department of Social Sciences, Box 441,
SE-128 06 Sköndal


Herbert Widmans väg 12


Johan Gärde (PhD) is an Associate Profession in Sociology of Religion (Uppsala University), a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences, Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College (ESBUC) and currently Chairman of the Council for International Academic Coordination at ESBUC. PhD in Religion of Sociology (Uppsala University, Sweden) in 1999.

Main interests:

-Civil society and Religion

-Religion and Social Work

-Religion and Conflict

-Religion and Social Change

-International Development Cooperation & Sustainable Development (focus on the social dimension)

-Islam, Civil Society and Social Change

Johan Gärde has lectured and published with a main focus on issues such as civil society, religion and social work. He has more than 25 years of field experience from Latin America and the Middle East and North Africa-region (MENA), but also with international development projects in Africa and Asia. He completed a national World Values Survey on Sunnite, Shiite and Oriental Christian values in Lebanon. He was previously a Visiting Assistant Professor at the American University of Beirut and Associate Professor at Notre Dame University in Louaize, Lebanon, responsible for a regional NGO Management and Civil Society Program for social leaders from around ten countries in the MENA-region. He’s lecturing on topics relating to religion, values, culture and social change as well as international development and civil society. He’s been initiating and coordinating the Global sessions annually with and extended international network of teachers, scholars and students in social work, nursing and related disciplines. Links:

Facebook group

Global sessions

Recent publications include articles relating to faith-based organisations and hybridity in relation to the State and faith actors´ role in sustainable development, see publications below.

Publication List (in selection)

Gärde, J. (2020) End Poverty Everywhere 2030 - The contribution of Faith. Based Organizations to the Sustainable Development Goals. Forthcoming in Journal of Human Development and Capabilities. Taylor & Francis.

Gärde, J (2020) Who can I trust in Lebanon and beyond? On bonding and bridging trust in a multi-confessional context. In” From Polarization to Cohabitation in the New Middle East.” Forthcoming.

Gärde, J. (2020) The church, faith-based organisations and the three sectors. In Handbook on Hybrid Organisations. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Gärde, J (2020) Livets mening i nya paradigm. I (Brytting, T) Livets mening, frågan och svaren. Appell Förlag.

Gärde, J. (2019). The Routinisation of Authority: A Comparative Perspective on Marginalisation, Socio-economic Factors and Perceptions on Authority in Contemporary Shiʿa Islam. Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses, 48(3), 432-461. Sage Journals.

Gärde, J. (2017). Concepts on Zakat, Caritas, and Diaconia in the changing social welfare landscape of Europe. Journal of Religion & Spirituality in Social Work: Social Thought, 36(1-2), 164-198. Routledge.

Gärde, J. (2017) The Intervention Logics in Global and International Poverty Reduction Schemes for the Extreme Poor and the Most Deprived with a Focus on Wellbeing and Health. Revista O Mundo da Saúde.

Gärde, J. (2016) Intercultural social work in hybrid welfare provision for refugees and migrants in Sweden in Global Challenges & Cultural Psychiatry". World Cultural Psychiatry Research Review.

Gärde, J. (2015). Shrinking religious communities and thriving interreligious social work in postsecular Sweden. Journal of Religion & Spirituality in Social Work: Social Thought, 34(1), 1-23. Routledge.

Gärde, J. (2015) How to bake the Iraqi Cake before consuming the ingredients - or Implementing human development in times of chaos and turmoil. In (Ahlberg, J) A Resource for the Future: An Iraqi Dialogue on Oil. Folke Bernadotte Academy.

Gärde, J. (2014) Religion och socialt arbete. Studentlitteratur.

Gärde, J. (2014) Crossroads, A Methodology Guide, A Collaborative Model to Combat Exclusion of Vulnerable EU- and Third-Country Nationals. Stadsmissionen and The European Union Integration Fund.

Gärde, J. (2014) Klämda mellan Arabism och Islamism. I Blir det sommar för kristna i Mellanöstern, nr 4, 27–29. Lunds Missionssällskap.

Khashan, H. & Gärde, J. (2013). Democratic Values in Lebanon's Segmented Politics. The Arab World Geographer, 16(3), 313-325.

Gärde, J. (2012) Patterns of Religiosity among Sunnis, Shias, and Christians in Lebanon's Multi-confessional Context. Middle East Critique, 21(3), 291-308. Taylor & Francis.

Gärde, J. (2012) Diapraxis- An Interreligious Approach in Social Work. Stockholm: Stadsmissionen and The European Union Integration Fund.

Gärde J., Mansour Moaddel & Jean Kors (2012). Sectarianism and Counter Sectarianism in Lebanon. USA: Easter University of Michigan, Institute for Social Research, Research Reports 12/757.

Gärde, J. (2012) A Demand-driven and Participatory Process for Peace in Iraq –The Case of Sandö I-V. In: “Human Geography: Explorations in an Iraqi Dialogue Process.” Stockholm: Folke Bernadotte Academy.

Gärde, J. (2011) Leadership challenges in the Civil Society Sector of Sweden. European Union Social Fund and Famna.

Gärde, J. (2009) Faith-Based Organisations and the Configuration of Civil Society in the MENA-perspective, 51-72. In Ahlstrand, K., & Gunner, G. (2009). Non-Muslims in Muslim majority societies: with focus on the Middle East and Pakistan. US: Pickwick Publications.

Gärde, J. (2008) Watching Muslims on TV – On bonding and bridging social trust. Uppsala: Life & Peace Institute: New Routes, nr. 2/2008.

Gärde, J. (2004) Suède : oui, mais à l’élargissement. I Outre-Terre, ISSN 1951-624X, nr 7, s. 201-204, ORCID-id: 0000-0002-9800-5373_


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