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Campus Sköndal

Ersta Sköndal Bräcke university conducts education and research in the buildings Botvidsgården and Stefansgården at Campus Sköndal. We also have a library in a separate building and a large lecture hall called Salongen (The Salon).

Botvidsgården is located on Herbert Widmans väg 12 and is the biggest building. It is marked on the Google map below. There are classrooms, study rooms and a kitchen. It is also the workplace for administrators and researchers. In Stefansgården are the classrooms for church musicians. There is also a separate building with a big church organ. It is called Orgelhuset. See the area map to find your way there.

Salongen is located on Thorsten Levenstams väg 8, at the restaurant Magnolia where you can buy lunch. Salongen is marked on the big area map where the bus stops (at Stora Sköndal).

Public transport

The easiest way is to take bus 188 from Gullmarsplan and get off at Stora Sköndal. See SL's websiteexternal link, opens in new window for timetables and route information.

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Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College is dedicated to studies in the fields of social work, nursing and health care, psychotherapy, theology and church music.

Find your way around Campus Sköndal

Area map

Visiting Addresses

Herbert Widmans väg 12 (Botvidsgården)

Herbert Widmans väg 4 (Stefansgården)

Herbert Widmans väg 5 (The library)

Thorsten Levenstams väg 8 (Salongen)


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